Faking rather than baking

Fake or bake

I wanted to share my thoughts around faking tanning versa’s tanning in the sun.

With this I have decided over time to follow in my mama’s footsteps and I have become a factor 50 girl. I would rather keep my skin hydrated and wrinkle free for as long as possible and of course I take very seriously the effects of UV rays!

So with this is mind, how do I achieve that bronzed look all year round…

I FAKE IT!!!!!!

Well it isn’t just about what tanning product you choose as there are many on the market now ( I’ll come to those in a moment) but first lets talk about skin prep and care.

Before I even think about applying fake tan I follow the simple tips on prepping my skin first and here’s how I do it…..

No. 1 Gently exfoliate my skin

There are many different skin exfoliation products on the market but I like to keep this homemade. I use 1 lemon, 1 cup of sugar scrub, with just a little honey usually 1tbsp and 1tbsp of olive oil.

For me this ticks all the boxes. Lemons are a natural source of vitamin C which helps lighten the skin for a brighter complexion and it help exfoliate. Sugar Is the most natural way to soften and exfoliate skin, it doesn’t leave a harmful residue and can’t clog pores. Honey One of my favourite go to natural products, it contains an anti-bacterial and is full of antioxidants which help slow down signs of aging and he can’t improve on open pores. Olive Oil This is a natural moisturiser which can help heal the skin and contains a high amount of vitamin E.

Lemon and sugar scrub

NO.2 Waxing or shaving

I always do this at least 24 hours before I intend to fake tan. Gives the hair follicles chance to close and recover so they don’t become irritated or clogged.

No.3 Avoid products

Don’t apply any makeup, perfumes, extra oils/moisturisers or deodorants prior to applying the tan as this can result in an uneven finish or the tan may not take properly.

TIP. Have a quick shower to remove any perfumes or deodrants the day of application

No.4 Clothing

Have loose clothing ready to put on after the tan has dried and use flip-flops if you can to avoid rubbing off the tandirectly after application.

TIP. Avoid silks and wool garments as the tan doesn’t wash out as well.

Feel free to let me know what you think on the scrub and if it worked well for you?



Tanned legs

I have used many, many products over the last 15 years and I am pleased to say that they have come on in leaps and bounds. Before there was a high risk you would be orange rather than the golden glow we all hope for or you would smell of chemicals forever after!!

Below is a list that I have personally used on more than one application and found to be very good. To be clear I don’t endorse these products and they are purely of my own opinion.

  1. Minetan Coconut Water Self Tan Foam
  2. UTan and Tone with Coconut Water
  3. St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse
  4. St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse

Top of my list as you can see and my current favourite of all time is the Minetan Foam. It goes on beautifully and smells amazing, plus I love the bonus that the added coconut water hydrates the skin which helps prolong the tan.

If you would like to share your favourites or experiences with these products then please contact me


Ok so which is best…..The mitt, the gloves or bare hands?

I started all those years ago with gloves, simple black latex gloves. I found that they were good at pushing the tan around and for reaching all the areas without covering my hands with fake tan; however they never evenly blended the tan and I would find after application there would be streak marks, usually on the backs of my legs and on the underside of my arms.

I decided to moved to the mitt, I was unsure at first as I thought it was likely to hold on to more product than it would apply but this was not the case and the process of application was quicker, easier and left a much more even application.

TIP. Apply from the ankles up rather than applying in circular motions

And hands you may ask……. No this is not for me, too much mess and faff after; however if in the event you need to apply and have no gloves or a mitt handy, then apply shaving foam to the palms of your hands after and leave it to set for a minute of two before washing off, this greatly reduces the staining. My other top tip if your find you don’t have a glove or mitt is to put a sandwich bag over each hand and then use a sock over that and hold in place with a hair tie etc.

If you have any questions or other great tips on application then contact me


So you have put in all the effort above, the last thing you want is for it to fade or become patchy. Well here are my rules and top tips that I follow.

  1. Avoid long hot baths or showers
  2. After a shower always pat your skin dry with a towel do not rub
  3. Moisturise daily, this will prolong your tan and keep it looking nice and fresh (TIP.Dry skin does not hold a tan as well as moistured skin, so drink plenty of water too!)
  4. After about the 4th day and then every other day after, very gently exfoliate your skin this will help to even out the tan again and ensure even fading.

I recommend that when you need to reapply the tan again, that you don’t apply over the top of the old. Instead use the Lemon and Sugar Scrub and start a fresh. How long your tan last is completely dependent on well you prep your skin before application and if you follow the after rules.

I’d love to know how you got on and if you have anything to share with me



Author: Laura

I'm a 34 year old mama and wife. I am totally a family orientated kinda girl and enjoying work as well as my mummy role. I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world and better it for my children's futures.

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