Pregnancy Fashion Ideas Autumn/Spring 2018 as Inspired by Laura

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you my fashion inspired ideas when it comes to dressing ‘The Bump’.

I won’t pretend to be a style icon, I’m not; however I do know what I like and I know how to dress to make myself feel beautiful and surely that’s what it is all about. I don’t believe that to look good you need to spend a fortune on the latest designer or that you need 100 different items to create that capsule wardrobe.


Stripped off shoulder dress

This little beaut is one of my favourite wardrobe items and it cost just £16 from Primark. It was great for my holidays and has now become a key player in my spring/summer maternity wardrobe, with the elasticated waist band and light weight material is perfect to go over bump without feeling tight and uncomfortable, because when it comes to a DIY maternity wardrobe its all about the dresses!  And I have been able to use my original dresses to accommodate ‘The Bump’ without having to spend out on new that I won’t ever be able to use again.

Pink body con, blue shirt

This pink body con dress was yet another great purchase from Primark at only £10 and the denim shirt was a steal, literally from my mama’s wardrobe, who has a great eye for those key pieces. This shirt is really cute because it ties at the front, acting as a great way to show off your bump.

Cami’s and Knits


These two outfits are great for the transition from the Winter to Spring.

I’ll start with piccy no.1, this is simply a cami purchased again from Primark costing only £6, I have literally put the straps down to the lowest point to allow bump coverage and underneath is a second lycra cami from Asda in black for £4 for a bit of extra warmth and bump support but can be left without once the weather gets warmer. The chunky knit grey/beigh cardy is also a Primark steal for only £18 and personally one of my go to items when it gets chilly as it literally goes with anything and I take it everywhere. The soft blush jeans are M&S and are literally in a size larger.

Piccy No.2 Are my favourite maternity jeans which were a fantastic buy from ASOS Mamalicious range, reduce from £50 to only £16 (Its all about the bargains lol). The checked cape poncho is a really good versatile item, here I wore it too take away the chill of early Spring and fixed it with a thin belt (colour to compliment) this was completed with a white stretchy cami in a slightly larger size underneath. (These to me are a must in pregnancy and are then great loose for that summer vibe). Below I have added some pics to show how to utilise on the larger sized cami’s and vest after the baby has arrived.


Night wear for Spring/Summer 2018


Piccy No.1, I love a play suit, so cute and feminine, this was a great find from the Asda George collection (as I said you don’t need big bucks!) Again I just moved the straps to their lowest position and went for one with an elastic waistband.

Piccy No.2, is so so comfy and I would say a must, its a light weight night dress with again adjustable straps for comfort. This particular one featured is again something from the wardrobe of my Mama and she is probably where I get my shopping eye from as this was a TU item.

Listed below are some links for you, these are items and ideas I have selected keeping in with my current pregnancy style that you might like to check out. I don’t endorse these  clothing ranges or styles it is purely just my thoughts and ideas to share with you. Nothing here will break the bank

If you have any ideas you would love to share, please contact me

Primark Spring Collection for 2018

Asda George Vest tops 2018

Asda George Play suit 2018

Sainsburys TU Night Shirt

YESSTYLE Denim Shirt 2018

M&S Blush Chino 2018

Dorothy Perkins Cami 2018


Author: Laura

I'm a 34 year old mama and wife. I am totally a family orientated kinda girl and enjoying work as well as my mummy role. I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world and better it for my children's futures.

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