Dear Diary 09/05/2018

Woo and Mama

Dear Diary,

So were did I leave us last time…

Well Robert and I are still on the Smoothies and you can catch up on two of our favourites by clicking here.

There has been a slight turn around this week and things are certainly changing on the baby front. The Physio has really helped and the pain factor at night has been reduced. I still have to take it easy during the day otherwise come tea time and I can’t move!!

I feel very excited for William too, I have signed him up for swimming lessons on a Friday evening, as I would love for him to be an independent swimmer for when I take him and little babe! I love how excited and Williams meritfocused he has been with his schooling and he has made us so, so proud and even earned himself his second merit.



I also spent this week getting him all geared up for his football training that he has on a Saturday morning.

Order Mini Kits at Sports Direct and Only £12 for printing.

I am so happy that Rob will now be able to take him, as it will mean so much to William, plus I think Daddy time before the new baby arrives is perfect for him!

I’ve certainly been busy nesting and had signs that my little babe is getting ready to arrive, although not right away I hope, last night I had cramping and lower back pain, so guess my body is starting to warm up!!

I had a sudden panic laying in bed at midnight a couple of nights ago that I hadn’t even started to think about packing my hospital bag and anyone that knows me, knows I have

Baby coming bags
Mine and Williams ‘Baby is coming!’ Bags

to be organised or I’m freaking out!!! So my poor hubby was woken by me in a panic, just to say I was in a panic because, I hadn’t packed my bag and he had to talk me out of getting out of bed and doing it there and then 😖!




Needless to say I was straight on it the next day. I sat and made my list, enlisting the help of Pinterest….

Pinterest Hospital list

And then began to iron a few bits and started counting out nappies and baby grows and a going home outfit (teared up at this point!). Then I suddenly thought, what if the baby comes at 2am and William is with us and needs picking up and Robs trying to organise him and clothes?! Not a recipe for success! So I then decided William needs a ‘Baby is Coming’ bag too! Then the plan is to call Dad and Sheila to come for him, who will be on call lol! (Best text and tell them all this!)

Then I thought to myself…. what about the dogs?? Rob would be needing to think of all this at 2am in the morning, with a tired William (who will prob be very practical!) a wife going into labour and he will be half asleep too! So I decided to make a list on our chalk board of 5 simple steps or instructions for him to follow!


I needed to feel very prepared and I also felt quite pleased with myself! Plus it’s made everything all the more exciting, I just get butterflies at the thought. My favourite moment of all of this will be William meeting his little brother or sister for the first time,just priceless.

I also have thought about photos on the day, so I have organised William a new T-shirt that said’s “William, Promoted to Big Brother 2018”. 

My Mum has been fab at taking William to school and doing pick ups where she can and Wednesday’s hubby has picked up the slack. My Dad and Sheila have been out fixing bits in the house and keeping me entertained, which has been brill, especially as the hall light not working was driving me crazy lol!!

So all in all, things have been good!

I have slowly started to let the guilt of not working slip away, as it’s proof that I need to be doing, what I’m doing for a healthy baby and a healthy me. Knowing that I suffer with anxiety and desperately not wanting to repeat previous negative thought’s, I have been eating healthy, staying hydrated and using my Head-space app. If this sounds of any interest to you, take a look at my postnatal blog here  where I touch on it and there’s a link to the website/app.

I feel so grateful this time around too because, of the ladies I have met and built friendships with through William’s nursery and now school group. They are always there to offer a friendly hello, to help and give advice, I don’t know where I’d be without them! I’m very lucky!

Laura xoxo


Author: Laura

I'm a 34 year old mama and wife. I am totally a family orientated kinda girl and enjoying work as well as my mummy role. I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world and better it for my children's futures.

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