What is being a Mum?!

Mama and son bond

Ah, the very question I ask myself every day lol! Followed by am I getting it right? Do I Google things enough for advice OR do I Google too much for advice? Do I say yes too much? OR do I say no too much? Do I cuddle and kiss enough or too much? Do I give the right food and drink? Do I do enough activities or too many?

Now I’m in my usual tail spin of thoughts, questions and worries! Everyday I hear mum’s constantly questioning themselves, when to me they all look like they have it in the bag! So I thought I would share a few of my mama methods, along with some tips that helped me along the this never ending journey of parenthood!!


Sleeping like a baby, or sort of any way!

I was very lucky with William, he seemed to be a very keen sleeper (clearly takes after his Dad!) From the day I finally got to bring him home, to the present day, that boy has been a sleeper lol! Although in order not to alter Williams attitude to sleep, I made sure that I kept to nice routine. I kept feeding times within the hour I’d planned, prepared bath time the same time each evening and sang him the same song with his evening bottle.

My famous baby song lyrics go like this and sometimes I even sing it now, especially if he is poorly!

  ” My name is William and I’m a little boy, I’m a little boy, I’m a little boy.

 Cause my name is William and I’m a little boy and my Mummy loves me.”

I was also never one to worry about making some noise while he slept, in fact I’d hoover and he’d fall asleep in his bouncer. I was always told that if you start tip toeing, you’ll be tip toeing forever! However, did I force William to sleep in his own bed? Answer no, no I did not, William slept with me every night from 10 months until, well 2 months ago!! In my opinion he will be years sleeping alone and happy but, why force it or take away that bond he so desperately wanted with me and I wanted with him. I know some or possibly many will disagree or ask the other question… What about my husband and our sex life? (I love that question!) Clearly we moved William into his own room, it’s just about 2 hours later he would return to our bed lol!





Food and Games!

Well again I started the luckiest mama ever because William would eat and eat for England, I weaned William at about 4-5 months old starting on the Cow & Gate cereal that I mixed with his Cow & Gate formula milk, in fact click on COW&GATE because I used their 5 step weaning plan and it was very useful.

Only later as William reached about 3 1/2, 4 did he become, not fussy per say, as he’s pretty willing to try anything and likes pretty much all food (like his mama!) but lazy, like eating was a chore and he’d get bored after a few mouthfuls. At 3 1/2 etc it was sort of acceptable to help William eat, as in literally spoon feed him and he would then keep going and 9 times out of 10 clear his plate; however has he got to 4 1/2 to now that gets silly and I know he will eat it all at school! So I started using his favourite creatures, Dinosaurs! I would tell him that I had made a mistake putting the broccoli on his plate or green beans and he would ask “Why?” and I’d say “Don’t eat it because they were from a




Brachiosaurus and he would then grow as big as one and how on earth would he fit in the house!” This would be so funny to him, he would rush to eat them all. I would continue this with meat and say he would turn into a Raptor or T-Rex etc! I never let him just get down from the table, there is always the 3-5 more mouthful rule, depending on how much he has already eaten.


Behaviour and Rules…Easy right!!

William has always been pretty laid back and smiley but like all children he can be cheeky. From early on I have always taken the time to talk to William and explain what I expect from him and set simple rules for him, never anything OTT just something to follow, keeps it easy for him and me!

  • Rule 1. Good listening – When I ask him to hold my hand, he must as it’s very important etc.
  • Rule 2. No running off – Ever, ever because, and I am very blunt about this… “Someone could take you and you wouldn’t see mummy and daddy again!”(May seem harsh but once he’s been told, he knows it and doesn’t think on that like we would, to start panicking!)
  • Rule 3. No Shouting and say Pleases and Thank you’s. I let him know that manners are important to everyone and they make people happy and that’s an important rule for all of life.

I perfected my choice of words and how I explain things by, listening to people closes to me that already had children, like my sister, sister in-law and a friend Claire. (Thank you ladies, half the job done for me!!!). 

Does he always obey these simple rules?? NO!, of course not, especially now he’s a bit older and finding his own voice and opinions. The loving name I once gave him, I now just lovingly shout about 90 billion times some days!!! William has always made me proud and 90% of the time, he just gets on bless him! But what about the other 10%??Well there are of course consequences and the main one, the one he dreads is… No more Tablet time! Now for William a life without YouTube (Kids one!!) or Netflix/Roblox is a fate worse than death! It doesn’t take much before he’s saying “Mum, I’ll help you”, “Mum, I love you” and my favourite at the moment is “Mum, you really are the best and you look really pretty” (Major creep alert!) I’m no push over and although I appreciate his efforts and I thank him, he still has to do the time lol!


Keeping to all these techniques and not being to tired, or just wanting to give up theMotherhood quote battle at times, is were I have fallen down over the past few years! I mean who doesn’t, no one mum can be getting this right every day of the year and I certainly do not! And yet the pressure we put on ourselves is never ending, I revert back to my insane rambling at the beginning of this blog… too many worries. I have to sometimes stop and step back and just look at William and remind myself that, he is clean, fed, dressed, smiling and ALIVE!! I am doing OK! So I personally want to say to all mum’s, you’re the real superheros, don’t keep doubting yourself or thinking someone else is doing it better, because I bet they are thinking just the same about you!


And here’s what helps remind me…..









Author: Laura

I'm a 34 year old mama and wife. I am totally a family orientated kinda girl and enjoying work as well as my mummy role. I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world and better it for my children's futures.

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