Dear Diary 16/05/2018

Mama and Woo B&WDear Diary,

Last time I wrote a lot was happening from Williams new activities and preparing for my little babes arrival, too smoothie-ing things up lol!

We are still going strong with the smoothies and Rob really has felt a difference in himself and has felt he has had more energy, which is brilliant; however where there’s a rainbow there’s always a little rain lol! Unfortunately on his last visit to the dentist Rob was told that due to not wearing a brace when he was younger, his teeth have suffered! So it means in order for no risk of tooth ache prior and after little babe is here, that’s umm…. £600 odd quid please Sir!!! Whats that great saying? “When life gives you lemons…” Sorry, where am I making the lemonade here lol!!

Anyway moving on from this…

I am pleased to say that William’s first swimming lesson was fantastic! He did me so proud. I wasn’t sure how he would feel about it but, I was quietly confident that he would just get on and listen to the instructor. William is a real rule follower lol and I love that about him because, I was exactly the same. It was only as I got older I pushed the boat on that slightly, although it never really sat quite right with me, so I have settled back into being a rule follower (nerd?? definitely lol!); However a small exception to the rule, I took a cheeky photo of William at his first lesson!!

Williams 1st swimming lesson


I’m feeling anxious about the Health Care visit tomorrow, this was not something I had with William, those visit’s came after William was born and that seemed only to check his weight gain etc, I do feel looking back, they could have done more to recognise my struggle with PND, even if I wasn’t saying it out loud. (I talk about this freely if you want to find out about my story in my PND blog). I don’t really know what it is all about, or if I need to have anything in place? I need to feel organised or my mind goes into a total tail spin, just the way I am wired I guess! I doubt I will get much sleep tonight thinking of all the things she may ask, like it’s going to be some sort of test…omg I hate tests lol!! Well I think it is safe to say, I will be googling my little ass off tonight to gauge a little better what tomorrow is really all about!! Also I have no nursery to show her, the crib is still put away and all I really want to know is that the moses basket mattress I bought is right… it feels way to hard lol and is it crazy that one of my worries is that the front grass isn’t cut!!


OK, ok, bringing things back round to a slightly saner note lol… My Nephew just celebrated his 13th birthday and what total joy this boy has brought to my life over the years. It feels like only yesterday when I was still living at home with mum and I would hear the rustle of his nappy coming along the hallway, my bedroom door handle would start jiggling and he’d appear with the cheekiest grin on his face, his bottle and come running to climb into bed with me, just thinking on it makes me tear up! He has grow up so handsome and made me so proud. My sister always did such an amazing job as a mum, she was and still is an inspiration to me, no matter how tough it got, she never once climbed under her bed covers and hid. I’ve never met anyone that gets on like she does or that can make jam into juice!! (Story maybe for another day!)

🎉🎈Happy 13th Birthday 🎈🎊


So the quote I’m feeling most this week..

” I believe that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade and then find someone who’s life gave them vodka and have a party!”

and I don’t share this quote because this week has been sour or unforgiving but just to remind myself to lighten up from all my silly worries and have some fun with it!!

Laura xoxo


Author: Laura

I'm a 34 year old mama and wife. I am totally a family orientated kinda girl and enjoying work as well as my mummy role. I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world and better it for my children's futures.

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