Baby bump story 11th June

Well it’s been a while since I’ve blogged or even updated on the latest baby details, although if you follow me on Instagram under missyrevill_collins you’ll see most news lol!

It’s no shock to know I have struggled with this pregnancy and I do truly consider myself a stoic type of lady; however this has pushed me to some of my limits. Pain to deal with is one thing but when it’s relentless for 19 weeks and you can’t sleep and you spend most of your night sat on the edge of the bed jiggling about and begging some higher power to let you sleep, enough is really enough.

I’ve heard people say… “well get use to the lack of sleep” OR “that’s natures way of preparing you for sleepless nights”. Well I call a little bit of bull on this, purely because even on broken sleep I can function but sleep that’s, that uncomfortable and painful inbetween that’s nature being cruel not preparational!!

Anyway so far I have had irregular contractions almost daily since just past week 37 and then yesterday while trying to enjoy one of our very rare family days I lost my mucus plug and had mild cramping etc but alas, still no baby. I would be really rather more uptight and irritated by this if it was for the fact that on seeing my consultant last Thursday they agreed based on my SPD to induce me and that will be on Monday 18th. Although this is only 4 days from my actual due date, it is amazing news because I was 2 weeks late with William and I couldn’t have seen this baby coming early or on time either. It appears each midwife check I have the baby sounds far to happy and content in there!!

My husband Robert has just been amazing, he’s so patient and never hesitates to grab me things or help me in and out of the bath, cook my teas when I’m too tired, get the food shop and now doing the morning part of the school run as well as working crazy weeks of 50 odd hours! And the best bit is when I in pain and I can no longer have anything stronger than paracetamol and I am starting to loose my shit, he will just sit with me and try and occupy my mind. He really is a dream husband and amazing Dad.

My Parents including my Dad’s wife have been such a loving support and I am so lucky to have them all around me. It’s great to see my sister so excited about the arrival of the new baby and her and mum have gone to so much trouble to get things prepared in her beautiful garden for the meet the baby party.

(This is a glimpse at the bottom of the garden.)

My beautiful, caring, kind, funny and clever boy William has been so amazing and taking to the news of a brother or sister like it was meant to be for him. He tells me everyday how much he loves his family and the baby and he will kiss and cuddle my belly when ever he can. He helps me still to get my shoes, help’s me up or will even get me a drink of water and will say “Mum, don’t forget to drink lots to stay healthy for the baby” I feel so lucky to have been blessed with one already amazing child, that I simply can’t wait to meet this little one.

So that’s where I am, I’ve had days where all I could do was sleep, days of agony and would just sit in the bath and cry but I’ve also had some of the most amazing and special days of my life and these are the moments I look upon and cherish and saviour and the rest is just a day and it’s gone!

I’ve been lucky to meet some wonderful ladies in the past 10 months and have my wonderful best friend still with me after 18 years of friendship. It has all helped keep me smiling and sane and I am so grateful.

Look out for baby news and can’t wait to hear from you all to see how you are getting on with your pregnancies!


Author: Laura

I'm a 34 year old mama and wife. I am totally a family orientated kinda girl and enjoying work as well as my mummy role. I am always looking for ways to make a difference in the world and better it for my children's futures.

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